Continuing development of new techniques and methods.

Our knowledge of how to cure hair loss, and in general, concerning the question of how to cure a diseased scalp, is under incessant development. Capabilities of our technologies are changing rapidly, which constantly enables us to provide better and improved-quality solutions.

Expert team of the Hair Clinic Slovenia daily monitors the development and constantly updates the know-how, and thus, we are at any time in a position to propose best possible solutions to problems of our patients. We attend all the major conferences and symposia around the world, thus maintaining a direct contact with the latest research and development.

– 45th International Congress of Plastic Surgery (July 12-17, 1996, Perugia)

– “What’s New in Plastic Surgery” (November 1996, Athens)

– 20th Panhellenic Congress of Surgery (November 3-7, 1996, Athens, Greece)

– 14th Congress of the International Society of Plastic Surgery (May 31 – June 3, 1997, Brazil)

– 8th European Congress of Plastic Surgery IPRAS (June 1997, Portugal)

– 3rd Panhellenic Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery & Aesthetic Surgery (November 6-8 1997, Athens)

– 19th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine (3-5 April 1998, Rome)

– European Society for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2001, Rome)

– XVI National Congress of the Society of Dermatological Surgery (May 2001)

– 10th Annual Congress and Live Surgery Workshop (Μάιος 2007, ESHRS, Paris)

– 11th Annual Congress and Live Surgery Workshop (May 29-31 and June 1, 2008, ESHRS, Madrid)

– 16th Annual Meeting (September 3-7, 2008, ISHRS, Montreal)

– 17th Annual Meeting ( July 22-26, 2009, ISHRS, Amsterdam)

– 18th Annual Meeting (October 19-24, 2010, ISHRS, Boston)