FUT Method

Hair transplant using the FUT (Strip) Method is an older baldness treatment procedure that has been used for decades. Disadvantage of this technique is that it is a more intrusive procedure that can lead to post-operative oedema and scars in the scalp, should the medical team lack experience. Though nowadays there exist the more up-to-date and painless methods of hair transplant, indlucing the FUE treatment and ARTAS robotic scalp restoration, the balancing of recovery using the FUT method is still an appropriate way of treating certain patients with a specific donor area.

How is FUT treatment conducted?

1. Designing the donor area

First, a sufficiently long surface in the donor area needs to be delineated, where from the transplant strip can be extracted. The width of the strip ranges from 1 to 2 cm and extends from the left to the right ear.

2. Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is then applied to the delineated surface of the donor area.

3. Obtaining a strip from the donor area

By accurate cuts, using a scalpel or surgical scissors, the strip is removed from the donor area. This procedure requires special attention to avoid any damage to the deeper layers, or even destroy sensory nerves, which would lead to serious complications.

4. Wound stitching

In recent years, a subtle wound stitching and closure technique called trichophytic stitching has been used, facilitating and accelerating rehabilitation, with improved aesthetic effect.

5. Separation of Hair Roots

Hair follicles are treated by our specialists, so that for an appropriate treatment, the absolutely suitable hair roots are obtained, including one, two, three or four pieces of hair.

6. Filling the hair follicles

The specialist fills the holes previously made by implanting the hair roots with surgical precision, using a transplanter or a needle.

1. Consult a specialist

Quality appearance of transplanted hair, using the F.U.T. method, to a large extent depends on the abilities of the practitioner.
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