FUE Method

Follicular unit extraction is one of the most common current baldness treatment therapies that remove individual hair follicles from the donor area. This modern treatment requires neither a transplanter or a needle, nor does it require stitches in the posterior region. The result is a perfect and beautiful appearance, without scars and swelling and, most importantly, the procedure is absolutely painless.

Why select FUE treatment?

Surgical precision hair transplantation

High precision is characteristic of the method, as the physician removes each follicle separately from the donor area, and then implants each follicle individually. It is important to minimize the distance between the implanted roots, and the implantation angle, which must be such that the root is not damaged.

Scalpel-free task

An important advantage of this technique is that no traces or scars are created by the FUE hair transplant method. Individual pockets are filled with hair roots, using microscopic needles. Thus, during the transplant, only small traces are created on the scalp that are barely visible, disappearing completely in a few days.

Painless extraction of hair follicles

Painless collection of hair follicles in procedure means immediate recovery of the patient after the procedure. Unlike other techniques, the FUE method does not require stitches, thus facilitating an immediate return of patients to their workplace and to their daily tasks.

How do we cure baldness with the FUE method?

1. Designing an appropriate hairline

Per specific wishes as to the aesthetic appearance or preferences of each person, the specialist will design a most appropriate hairline for each individual patient.

2. Extraction of individual hair follicles

Having designed the hairline, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, normally from the back of the head, with utmost care and attention. Thus, no scars are created.

3. Hair follicle implanting

At this stage, all hair roots obtained from the donor area are, under the appropriate angle, and at highest density, implanted in the previously designated bald areas.

1. Consult a specialist

Quality appearance of transplanted hair, using the F.U.E. method, to a large extent depends on the abilities of the practitioner.

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