What does eyebrow transplant enable to you?

  • Perfect appearance to each woman or man.
  • Elegant shape of your eyebrows.
  • Transplanted eyebrows bring you an aesthetic and elegant result.

Eyebrows are known to be one of the most decisive features of a person’s appearance, defining the physiognomy along with the eyes. It is important for a person’s mental health to be able to express oneself, where the eyebrows vitally contribute to such expression. Thus, our Clinic pays particular attention to eyebrow transplantation.

Causes of thinning eyebrows

Causes of thinning eyebrows may vary; mostly in women, the eyebrows may be thinning due to excessive eyebrow removal, or to any adverse effects of makeup. Hereditary causes may also be a factor in eyebrow appearance. Thus, eyebrow transplantation is primarily aimed at women, and men, wishing to improve their appearance.

Most common symptoms due to eyebrow thinning include:

  1. Highly delicate hairs in the eyebrow area, giving a sembrance of weakness.
  2. Eyebrow growth may be irregular due to presence of blank spots.
  3. Short eyebrows give a sembrance of disagreeable visual appearance.

Eyebrow transplantation

Fact is that many a woman, and certain men, swear to simple techniques of eyebrow accentuation, using a shading pencil, or tattooing. Fact is that these two options are worst possible as they produce no volume or natural result, or natural eyebrow colour. To the contrary, eyebrow transplantation does produce a fully natural and lasting effect and, additionally, entirely restores the volume of your eyebrows, with the hairs appearing exactly the same as they once used to.

Hair Clinic Slovenia uses the most proven and innovative methods of eyebrow transplantation. The basic procedure is as follows: The doctor performs hair root extraction from the crown of the donor head where the quality of the hair follicles is best and suitable for transplantation. After preliminary preparation, follicle quality and stability examination, the doctor implants the follicles in relevant spots above the eyes. The method used in transplantation is called F.U.E. SingleChannel, and refers to a particular branch of hair root implants into the eyebrows.

1. Please, do consult our specialists

Quality appearance of transplanted eyebrows to a large extent depends on the expertise of the practitioner. Each of our clients can rely on our expertise and transplantation procedure, with highest standards. At our Hair Clinic Slovenia, we have decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge, bringing you unparalleled results. Do contact us, get a consultation, and make a decision, whilst our team is always at your disposal!