Robotic hair restoration: Innovative technology from the US

At Hair Clinic Slovenia, we provide also the services of hair transplant using the high-tech ARTAS laser robot, which is applied at the Central Clinic. The minimally invasive robotic hair remodelling is an advanced hair transplant high technology and is available exclusively through the ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure.

The latest ARTAS artificial intelligence algorithms filter out the healthiest follicles from the donor area, which are ideal for extraction, whilst maintaining the complete and intact appearance of your donor area, wherefrom the hair follicles are taken. The entire procedure is supervised and managed by our experienced staff.

Advantages of robotic hair restoration

At our Clinic, we provide for three different ways to restoration of your scalp, regardless of the spot of transplant. Therefore, if you want a hair transplant, a beard transplant or an eyebrow transplant, the Hair Clinic Slovenia, among other things, provides for the most advanced method of treatment with robotic rehabilitation, which is considered the most modern in the world. The ARTAS technology guarantees the 92% accuracy in the results obtained, based on the calculation and the design of your expected future appearance. Robotic technology treatment times are reduced by 30 – 50 minutes, as compared to the FUE or FUT method. Additionally, this is a minimally invasive, completely painless and uncomplicated treatment that requires only a few minimal incisions. The number of hair follicles is calculated by the computer on the basis of a scan of your condition and is documented in an ATLAS certificate that you receive on completion of the procedure.

Minimally Invasive Method
As the incisions are not conducted manually, the robotically performed incisions are really minimal.

An entirely painless method
Any fear of secondary problems, as inflammation or similar stadia, are absolutely superfluous.

Accuracy and Reliability
The ARTAS robot automatically counts all follicles in the extraction and transplant process, recording their total number. Thus, each patient knows the accurate number of hair transplanted.

Strong Roots
Using robotic technology, only strong roots are selected, meaning that the robot scans the entire donor area and extracts only the best quality roots. This means that the last transplanted root is of the same quality as the first one.

Maximum Safety
Fact is that robots never get bored or tired, thus excluding the human error factor, which would be possible in case of inexperienced staff. Stable quality of the entire transplant procedure is thus guaranteed.

Immediate Recovery
Immediate post-procedure rehabilitation allows patients to quickly return to work and to all daily activities.

1. Consult a specialist

As with all other procedures and therapies, our clients can rely as much as possible on the ARTAS scalp transplant procedure, which meets the highest standards at the Hair Clinic Slovenia.

Treatment is performed in the Central Clinic. At Hair Clinic Slovenia, we have decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge, which facilitate unparalleled results. Contact us and arrange a consultation before making a decision, as our team is always at your disposal and will gladly explain to you the scalp restoration process using the ARTAS robot, or suggest alternative solutions!