Frequent questions

Frequent questions2019-10-16T13:57:45+02:00
Is hair transplant a solution for everyone?2019-10-16T13:53:54+02:00

No! Unfortunately, there are types of baldness that result from illness or the client does not have a sufficient donor area. However, such specific examples can from experience only be judged by our specialist, as the decision may only be made on a scientific basis.

When can I go back to work?2019-10-16T13:54:39+02:00

You can return to work after three days. If your job is not too demanding, you can work on the next day following the procedure. You can start washing your hair a few days later.

What is the process of hair transplant like?2019-10-16T13:55:03+02:00

The basic requirement for a flawless hair transplant process is to be done by an experienced and specialized medical team. First, local anesthesia is applied. The hair follicles from the donor area of the head are then removed. The specialist inserts the roots into the area of baldness, and your hair will start growing again after a few weeks after transplantat, and will never fall out again.

Is the procedure painful?2019-10-16T13:55:22+02:00

Not in the least! In fact, you will probably be quite bored during the transplant process. Most patients watch movies or listen to music in the meantime. Some like to talk, others fall asleep, and others again watch television.

How many visits will be required to get the best result?2019-10-16T13:55:41+02:00

This depends on the technique that our specialist will use in your case. If the typical method is FUE or FUT, then you can have spectacular results in a single visit. But it all depends on the density and thickness of your hair in the donor area, and on the extent of the baldness area.

Which scalp transplant technique is considered the best?2019-10-16T13:56:12+02:00

Many patients ask us the same, mainly because of the various advertisements in the media, which tend to mislead them. It is important to remember that no patient is like the other, each case is different, and one technique differs from the other depending on the complexity of each individual case, and relevant adjustments are undertaken by the specialist.

Many times, combinations of all techniques provide the most complete and appropriate result. Therefore, we suggest that you talk to our doctor in person about the benefits and limitations of different methods, and then together you will decide on the right solution for your case!

How will my head look after the procedure?2019-10-16T13:56:34+02:00

If your hair had been thin your entire life, no one will make inferences or notice that you are undergoing a hair transplant. From two to four days after procedure, your skin will be reddened, but, the one thing that you will get for life, is your new aesthetic hairstyle !!!!

How can I assure myself of success of the hair transplant process?2019-10-16T13:56:59+02:00

In a preliminary consultation, we will show you many examples of Before and After of our customers who have become satisfied and happy after the process. For many years, we have been building our name in the market, with professionalism and dignity and without the unnecessary words.

Our experts are ranked amongst the best in the world and have successfully handled over 16,000 cases, and we have become friends over the years. We will be happy to see you glow with happiness and enjoy again your own hair.

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