What does Beard Transplant mean?

Beard transplant:

  • Provides perfect appearance
  • Filling up all the hairless areas
  • Complete transformation

Every day, more and more men wish to have a perfect and ideal appearance, and for this reason, they would like to have a dense and tidy beard. However, a large proportion of male population suffers from sparse and irregularly growing beard, which is a consequence of anomalous beard growth, involving the presence of empty spots and areas with sparse hairs. Though some men shave every day to cover up these problems, most of them are not happy with this solution and wish to grow a dense and attractive beard. With beard transplantation method, every man is now in a position to be proud of the beauty of his own dream beard, and without any scars.

Sustainable development of your thick beard

The Hair Clinic Slovenia medical team is specialised in all the types of hair root transplants, including transplantation of hair follicles in the facial area. The basic procedure used in this area is quite similar to the other procedures applicable to all facial hair follicles. At our Clinic, you can attain a thick beard in four steps:

1. Determination of the donor area

The Clinic’s doctor carefully inspects the appropriate areas of the donor area, where the hair follicles can be collected. Invariably, a section is selected that is very rich in hair, and does not show the tendency of ever thinning.

2. Removal of hair follicles

Local anesthesia is used in the selected area, and then, hair follicles are removed with a special device.

3. Marking of the area, whereto the hair follicles are to be implanted

The Clinic’s doctor professionally inspects and marks the areas, whereto the hair follicles are to be implanted.

4. Hair follicle transplantation

Hair follicles collected from the donor area are implanted professionally and without any scars into the relevant beard area. On completion of treatment, the results are spectacular and aesthetically effective. Beard transplantation is a most demanding process that requires a great deal of experience. Hair Clinic Slovenia has many years of experience and complete expertise, and provides most successful and effective treatment!

1. Challenges at beard transplantation

In this procedure, only the very thin hairs, suitable for transplantation into the facial area, can be used. In addition, the roots of the hair follicles must be strong enough to be suitable for implantation into the beard area, and this is what the Clinic’s doctor professionally evaluates, based on longstanding practice in this field, paying specific attention to this particular procedure. Incisions created to this end, must be most accurately performed, tiny and superficial, which is specific at beard transplant, requiring concrete precision, rather different from hair transplant procedure. Also the hair ratio is essentially different, to achieve a most aesthetic result, taking into account that hair growth direction must be accurately aligned with the angle of the man’s own hairs, thus achieving a most natural appearance.

2. Please, do consult our specialists

Quality of hair follicle transplantation to the beard is a specific and different process. Anyone who wishes to accomplish this in our Clinic, may rely on highest standards and absolute knowledge in this respect. At Hair Clinic Slovenia, we have decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge, bringing you unparalleled results. Contact us and get a consultation before making a decision, while our team is always at your disposal!